About the Blogger

About the Blogger

       Ecce! In pictura est puella nomine Maria. Just kidding -that's a rabbit. I'm Maria, a teen who loves running, sketching, painting, playing bass, and of course, cooking and baking. Clearly, I also love the Beatles. Their song "The Yellow Submarine" was the first song I ever knew the lyrics of and is still one of my favorites of theirs. My absolute favorite is "Here Comes the Sun"- if you've never heard it stop reading immediately, listen to that song, and return. Oh yeah, who is that rabbit? He is family bunny, Bailey, the cutest, sweetest, most social bunny-on-the-block, who is turning fourteen this November!

About the Food 

 I'll cook anything! Unfortunately I'm limited by what my family will eat. Well, that and my extreme hatred of the tomatoes that can only be relieved by copious amounts of cheese. Living with two vegetarians, I cook and explore a lot of non-meat dishes though I will sometimes cook meat (I have an orange chicken recipe that will knock your socks off). I generally go through phases of foods. A few summers ago I got really interested in soups.  (I know, why in a bad season for most soups? But when inspiration strikes....) I tried some cold soups, but I've never really developed a taste for them. That's all for now. TTFN

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