Friday, October 9, 2015

Butterbeer Cupcakes with Treacle Frosting

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, like to the point when it annoys me when people don't know really minute details of the wizarding world and don't have their house sorting exactly figured out.

 Do people really exist that don't know their Hogwarts house?

I'm not a huge butterscotch person, but I had to try these! And I'm glad I did. They are the epitome of fall in a cupcake, and are like biting into instant comfort (like butterbeer should be).

This one I'm not copying over (though I have to say go with the pumpkin beer instead of cream soda if you can! It's so good!) 

Check them out at Half-Baked Harvest!

And to listen to while baking, to get you in the Harry Potter mood:

"Hedwig's Theme"

and once you've listened to that twenty times (or more) google "wrock" and laugh at the clever lyrics.

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